Virus Protection

  • What is a virus, and how can I kill it?
  • The role of Preventative Maintenance in protecting the health of a building
  • Pure Maintenance can quickly sterilize and protect your business so you don’t have to close your doors to the public.

Denver, CA 3/19/20 – SARS-CoV-2, or the novel coronavirus, is affecting business throughout the world. It is important to understand how they work and how we can prevent them. While social distancing will help stop person-to-person transmission, only preventative maintenance will stop surface-to-person infections.


Viruses are complex, invasive protein strands. As the foundational building blocks of our world, proteins are everywhere, including inside plant, animal, bacterial, and fungal cells. Viruses are more complex and can cause adverse health reactions. The good news is that the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which is responsible for COVID-19, is similar to any other enveloped virus in that it is relatively easy to denature.

Viruses are not alive and cannot be killed. Most viruses can remain viable on a surface for a few days. To denature a virus is simple assuming the right exposure time and a chemical agent capable of unwinding the protein strands. While bacterial disinfectants and hand sanitizers help, they rarely have the exposure time necessary to denature viruses and almost never reach the microscopic cracks and crevices present in carpet, HVAC systems, and furniture. Instead of waiting for a viral infection to reach epidemic or pandemic levels, we can reinforce our homes and businesses to prevent the surface-to-person transfer through Preventative Maintenance.


Preventative Maintenance is a ritualistic practice of maintenance in advance of a problem that will prevent the problem from occurring. For viral or bacterial infections, we can practice preventative maintenance by periodically sterilizing our facilities and applying preventative compounds on surfaces to make them unconducive for viruses to remain viable. At Pure Maintenance of Colorado, we employ a medical-grade cold sterilant we call InstaPURE.


“If it takes a firecracker to take out [the novel coronavirus], we offer dynamite.”

-Pure Maintenance Holdings


InstaPURE denatures viruses, bacteria, and fungi. We apply InstaPURE using patent-protected dry-fog technology. Once we’ve eliminated the threat, we coat all surfaces with a microscopic antimicrobial called EverPURE. EverPURE provides an EPA-verified 90 days of protection against fungi and bacteria. Our market rate for sterilization services is $1.35 / sq ft, but because of the urgency required with the current pandemic, we have decreased our pricing for disinfection and preventative maintenance (the "VIRUS SCRUB") to just $0.80 / sq ft. Structured discounts for larger spaces and lower ceilings apply.

Updated April 8, 2020

Updated May 13, 2020