The PURE Process

The first of Pure Maintenance’s two-step process is a “dry fog” called InstaPURE. InstaPURE is a
powerful EPA-registered cold sterilant that denatures mold spores, bacteria, and viruses
throughout your home. By turning the mold spore or other microbial organism into inert
matter, you can breathe a healthy sigh of relief knowing that the mold in your home or office is
gone. InstaPURE is so effective that it will disinfect and sterilize any surface it touches without
getting anything wet. InstaPURE is also used in offices, hospitals, daycares, gyms, cars, etc.

First – We treat all the ductwork in the home or building. Air ducts are common sources of
microbial growth due to moisture caused by temperature differentials, so we start here.

Second – We treat the remainder of the home or building room-by-room. This is done to build
up barometric pressure and relative humidity in each room, invoking the Laws of
Thermodynamics. The elevated pressure and humidity will force the dry fog to push into
microscopic crevices, porous surfaces, and even carpet and furniture.

Third – We use a liquid chemical sterilant to treat drains, jetted tubs, and overflows to
eliminate microbial life. This will denature all the organisms (fungi and bacteria) that cause foul
odors in your sinks and showers.

The bi-product of InstaPURE is akin to distilled white vinegar in a fume form. This is non-toxic
and will disperse quickly when we open windows after treatment. You will notice a slight
vinegar-like smell for 24-48 hours after our treatment is complete, BUT you are completely safe
to sleep in your own bed within a few hours after we leave.

The second application in the patent-protected Pure Maintenance process is EverPURE.
InstaPURE can effectively remediate virtually any home, office, or other building, but what
happens when new mold, bacteria, and viruses enter the premises? EverPURE is the answer!
EverPURE provides an EPA-verified 90 days of protection once it is applied. In many areas, this
will last much longer!! This organo-silane antimicrobial leaves no visible or tangible residue,
unlike many other antimicrobial compounds. It sits on your keyboard, door knobs, walls,
furniture, and every other surface of your home waiting for the next mold spore, bacteria, or
virus looking for a place colonize. When a microbial comes near a surface of your home,
EverPURE will pull in the organism and mechanically destroy the cell on contact.

**InstaPURE and EverPURE are EPA-registered and FDA-approved for use in all 50 states