Evaluate the Spread of Mold

Evaluate the Spread of Mold

Schedule a mold inspection for your home or office

KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE. Find out the extent to which mold has infiltrated your home or business by calling Pure Maintenance of Colorado. We'll conduct a full-scale mold inspection to figure out where the mold is, what is causing it, and what needs to be done to mitigate it.


Everything included with our formal inspection, but not including the 35+ page inspection report. Any testing costs are separate.

FORMAL INSPECTION - starting at $350

Our formal mold inspection involves:

  • A visual inspection of your entire home or business (inside and outside, bottom to top)
  • Two included test samples and associated reports
  • Written inspection summary, pictures, and recommendations with regard to mold in your home or office.
*The price of our formal mold inspection is a starting price that may increase based on the complexity and duration of your inspection. Our informal mold inspection leaves you with no formal reports. Any lab results from testing will still be provided.

Call 720-487-1970 today to arrange for a mold inspection in Denver, CO.

Our Certified Mold Inspectors can detect mold that you can't always see

Mold often grows in places hidden from view, like within your walls. We have the technology and training necessary to find mold no matter where it's hiding out. Assuming you don't have mold simply because you can't see it can be a costly, and even harmful mistake. Hire a Certified Mold Inspector!

Give us a call or submit a contact form to speak with an inspector or schedule a time for us to visit you.

Areas we service in the Front Range include Denver, Denver metro, Castle Rock to Fort Collins, the central mountains around Vail, and Grand Junction.
Any trips over 50 miles from Denver, CO may be subject to a small trip charge